EPDs from Computer Chess Club

Click allcccepd.zip  to download this file.

Here you can download a cleaned file with all positions (epd) ever posted on Computer-Chess Club .I shall try to get this file up to date but I am affraid that it will be hopeless behind after a while.

Some facts

Up-to-date: D1030919.ZIP.

Number of positions: 17664

With bm, am, pm : 5044

Change log

 Date Description

First version of this file


Added almost 4200 bestmoves, avoidmoves, preferredmoves from known testsuites

Added all 800 bestmoves that lead to maximum mate in 6 (done with Chest)

Added 23 unique positions of 3 days CCC posts

How is the filtering of CCC messages done?

I used the CCC archives on bob's ftp site ftp://ftp.cis.uab.edu/pub/hyatt/ccc/ and the CCC archive site http://www.talkchess.com/forums/1/archive.html made  some hacked C-programs to do the filtering.  

What positions are filtered away?

1) Most of the Illegal positions (but not all)

2) I skipped some odd positions like positions with more as four queens or four white knights. These positions are strange and some chessprograms "explode" with too odd positions.

I miss a position what can I do?

If you think I miss a position that should be in then let me know. Then I can check my filtering programs.

How is the ID determined in the file?

I gave all the positions in this file an ID. The ID of the epd is in the format CCC.<xx>[-<yy>].
xx = messagenumber of the 1st occurences of this epd in CCC
yy = occurence number if when more than one epd was found in this message

What is there todo?

1) Add more missing bm, am, and pm tags. However this process is hard to do automatically.

2)  I skipped already a bunch of illegal positions. But I sure there are about 100 still in them it. If I have time I filter these also away with another program.

How can I contact you?