Computer Chess Tools

This page contains some tools I developed. Maybe it somebody else can use it also.

Download Source Version Description
pgn2epd     Tool that can create epd's from a PGN. This tool is based on the tool made by Remi Coulon but here you can add the first move and the last move that has to be considered.
pgncompfind     Splits a pgn database into comp_vs_comp.pgn, comp_vs_human.pgn, etc.
part source - split a textfile in different parts. With round robin it makes sure that the parts are of equal size.
craftylog2nps source 1.0 Tool that calculates a detailed nps from a crafty log by looking at individual testresults.
getpgn source 1.2 Utility that can strip pgns from an ascii textfile. I used this to get all the PGN from CCC Archives. Last updated 26th Januari 2004